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Lets’ be real here,

It is doubly frustrating when we start to see a gaping blouse or shirt which we put on our body or when a bra/bralette just doesn’t seem to cover ALL AREAS of our breasts. Or when we have to keep adjusting and shifting the underband when we lift our arms up just because. We all know how irritating an ill-fitting bra/bralette can be especially so when we are breastfeeding.

We all have different breast shapes, or what I like to call, breast designs. That being said, it is so important to be able to find a good fit for your breast type. If you find that you require extra coverage on the sides, opt for a piece that offers you side coverage. If you’re looking for something that offers a fuller cup coverage, opt for a FULL coverage piece. I know sometimes we may be eyeing for a specific piece that is “just-so-nice and I just need it!”, but it is so important to put comfort before aesthetic.

At Envy Her, we really do our needful and our best to create pieces that really speak to all breasts type. So, what exactly is a Minimiser Bra?

A minimiser bra helps to create the illusion of a smaller breast frame. Wait, how does it do that?

With a good minimiser bra/bralette, it helps to distribute the breast tissue over a wider surface, giving the illusion of a smaller cup.

  • Guide the breast tissue towards the front of the body (Creating a cleavage)
  • Gathering the breast tissue to have a perkier effect
  • Smoothen the side and back bulges

So who is it for? Go through this list and see if you fall within the list!

  • My shirt/blouse is always gaping!
  • I have heavier breasts and require a full coverage piece
  • I enjoy a full, full coverage piece
  • My breasts are always engorged and heavy

Good news, if you find yourself belonging to one of the categories, a minimiser bra is for you! Introducing to you…. our Envy Her…

Our TWO SIDES™ Raelynn Full Coverage Minimiser Maternity Bralette is one of our top favourites for ladies with bigger breasts while providing better comfort and support. Handcrafted with thicker shoulder straps and thick wire-free underband, you don’t have to worry about droopy and uncomfortable breasts. With a thicker shoulder strap, it allows the weight to be distributed on your shoulders, presenting a more comfortable wearing experience. (Just imagine a thin vs thick shoulder strap when you carry a heavy backpack!) With a thick underband, it mimics the idea of a wired bra, supporting and lifting your breasts up. Not only so, it doesn’t dig into your skin as much as compared to a thinner underband. With high front and side coverage, the bralette offers full support and comfort for you.

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