Where can I use the newsletter discount?

You can only apply the discount for online purchases.

Can I perform exchange of model,size or color after home fitting?

Please refer to our T&C

Who are eligible for home fitting?

Home fittings are open to “first time” customers and for those who received the complimentary fitting card. Request for second home fitting will be chargeable at $30/trip.

New request for fitting will be charged at $45/trip


First time customers are defined as those who have not bought Wink Shapewear before.

How soon after a C section can I wear the garment?

As soon as you don’t feel any pain on your wound area, you should be able to wear the garment. For most people, that will take about 3-4 days.

Can I wear underwear with the Wink garment?

Except for bodysuits, we recommend that you wear your underwear underneath your bikinis for extra comfort and hygiene purposes. Wearing underwear beneath your garment will not affect the level of compression.

How do I determine the size if I am pregnant now?

The rule of thumb is to add a size up to your pre-pregnancy size to arrive at the postpartum size. For more details, click here.

I have delivered my baby a few months ago, will it still be effective if I start wearing one now?

Yes, you can still enjoy the benefits even if you have delivered your baby a few months ago. Our garments are designed to provide continuing support and compression that will help improve posture, reduce water retention, and helps you build stomach muscles with the constant compression on your stomach that makes me suck in your tummy.

Can I wear it to workout or sleep in it?

Yes, our garments are highly suitable to workout and sleep in. The support from the garments prevents the stomach from being “jiggly” when working out.

I feel uncomfortable and the garment rolls down. Why is that?

The garment may be too small for you, that is why it is causing you discomfort and is rolling down. Please contact our customer service agent to get help in selecting the right size.

I am not post-partum and would like to use it as a slimming/concealing shapewear, can I do that?

Yes, our garments are suitable for everyday slimming shapewear use. It can worn on a special occasion where you need the “tucked in” effect. Perfect for concealment.

I have a short torso, can I still wear the garment?

Yes, for women with short torsos, we recommend folding the top elastic band down so that the garment will not be too long for you.

Will loose threads affect the garment?

Loose threads are common in all garments/clothes. Unless it covers almost 60% of the garment, it does not affect the compression. For assessment, please contact (+65) 9389 7240 through Whatsapp or email us.

How long do I have to wear the garment before getting another size?

As soon as you don’t feel much compression anymore, we recommend that you get a smaller size. The time varies with different individuals as some wear it for longer periods during the day and may “shrink” faster than others.

Who can I call for queries regarding Wink™ Shapewear slimming garments?

Please call (+65) 9389 7240 or drop us a message.

What should I do upon receiving Wink™ Shapewear?

Please check the size and condition of the garment. Should you find defects, please refer to our TERMS & CONDITIONS. Exchanges after the 7 days rule will not be entertained unless there is confirmation from ENVY HER.

Who can use Wink™ Shapewear slimming garments?

Not only for mummies, Wink™ Shapewear slimming garments is specially designed for all ladies who want to feel good about themselves. It can help to conceal your ugly bulges and bring a dress size down. So whether you are heading for a post-natal recovery or just wants to looks good on a special occasion, Wink™ Shapewear slimming garment is the perfect solution for you.

When can I start using my Wink™ Shapewear slimming garments?

You can start wearing your Wink™ Shapewear slimming garments immediately after a normal delivery. Our fabric is made for post-surgical procedures, which makes them ideal for a post caesarean delivery. In fact, our slimming system can actually help with recovery. It will also aid in healing, discourage fluid accumulation and encourage you to engage your back and core muscles. Consult your physician for recommendations given your specific circumstances.

Are these products any different than non-maternity intimates?

YES! Our garments are specially designed with you in mind, Wink™ post-pregnancy recovery and shapewear garments are a medical grade fabric. This means that they evenly smooth the skin and are made to fit like a second skin. Unlike most shapewear, our skin-friendly material to keep you cool and comfortable all day. There is truly no other line of weight-loss and recovery garments on the market more thoughtfully and specifically created for the expectant mom.

Why Choose Wink™?

Continuous product development in close interaction with postnatal and recovery patients is the secret behind our selection of comfortable, functional compression and postnatal intimates. Here are three great reasons why our line is lust worthy: no irritating seams, carefully thought-out designs that help solve problem areas, and the line is offered in a range of flexible sizes for every body type.

Are there special washing instructions?

To maximize fabric performance, we recommend either hand washing or washing on the delicate cycle in a HARD laundry net and then allow them to air dry. Please remember to connect all hooks and eyes before washing. We also recommend owning a few Wink™ garments so you can rotate and wash them as needed.

What is your return policy?

For Singapore purchases, Wink garment should not be washed/worn/not contained any medicated oil smell and returned in proper packaging within 7 days. For exchanges exceeding the 7 days time frame, customers must obtain confirmation from ENVY HER. Please refer to the return address on the envelope. It is a MUST to state your order number and exchanged size,model,color. There is no exchange policy for SALE items. Terms and conditions can be read before purchase checkout.

How long will I receive Wink™ garment upon payment in Singapore?

Upon verification of payment and stock, you should receive WINK garment within 3 business working days. For AsiaPac orders, you will receive WINK garment within 5 business working days.

Does the Wink™ garments Really Work?

Yes!!! For centuries women around the world have bound their abdomen to help them slim down. We have taken this same concept and modernized it for the modern woman. Combining ancient wisdom with current medical practices, you can realize a slim, flat tummy by using a Wink belly wrap. Our slimming garments are ideal for weight loss, post pregnancy or just for those who want a strong, durable compression. Wink belly bands compress targeted areas of your abdomen using a patented medical grade fabric which helps to quickly shrink your uterus and body back into shape. In addition, our belly bands work with your abdominal muscles helping you to keep your core muscles tight and flat. Combining the effectiveness of the Wink™ garments, a healthy diet, and exercise program can maximize your fitness goals.

If I am pregnant, when can I start using my Wink™ garment?

If you are pregnant; you can start wearing your Wink™ garment immediately after a normal delivery. In fact, our slimming system can actually help with recovery due to the specialty fabric that we use. The compression from the fabric will aid in healing, keeping fluids from accumulating and encouraging you to engage your back and core muscles. Consult your physician for recommendations given your specific circumstances. If you are in the process of losing weight or just using Wink as a slimming garment you may use it anytime, both day and night.

How long should I wear my Wink™ garment?

We recommend wearing a Wink garment until your weight loss has stabilizes. Continue use throughout your entire weight loss cycle as well as when you feel necessary once you have achieved desired results. If you are using the garment for post-pregnancy; we recommend wearing your Wink™ for 6-8 weeks after your delivery. We recommend wearing it both night and day, so consider purchasing a 2nd Wink™ garment for nighttime use. Our full leg garment and a bikini style is an excellent choice.

My Wink™ garment feels too tight, is it too small?

It is extremely important that your Wink™ garment fits SNUG but it should still be comfortable. While uterine contractions can be uncomfortable and are normal the actual garment should not dig into your body to feel uncomfortable. Please contact us with any help with sizing or fit. Part of belly compression post-pregnancy is to have a firm, snug fit to keep your muscles engaged and muscles from pooching.

Are there any safety concerns?

DO NOT use this product (Post-Pregnancy Compression) if you are still pregnant.

If you have any concerns about using this product after your delivery or have had any post-delivery complications please consult your physician prior to use.