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Fitting session at @misslepetite house for her Wink shapewear.


You are beautiful and we are here to make you feel it and believe it.

Let your confidence exude from within and it can all start with just a Wink®!

It is time to discover the secret to an hourglass figure with Wink® Shapewear, a leading slimming shapewear and girdles brand recognized in South East Asia that promises premium quality slimming garments designed for long-lasting performance and unrivaled comfort.

NO pills. NO gimmicks. NO dieting! Simply Wink®

Wink® Shapewear slimming garments and girdles are specially designed and tailored for all ladies who want to feel good and look good. Wink® Shapewears comes with a whole variety of different compression garments, ranging from Bikini wear, lingerie, girdles and many more!

Wink® Shapewears effectively target major areas such as the booty, tummy, waistline, hips and thighs, naturally reducing flabby areas and even bringing a dress size down – instantly. Yes, INSTANTLY! So whether you are heading for a post-natal recovery or just want to look good on a special occasion, Wink® Shapewear Slimming Garment is the perfect solution for you.

Our Service. Flexible. Dedicated. Entirely free.

Here at Envy Her, we provide the best services for our dear customers, where we offer free fitting sessions at either Pasir Ris  which can be arranged via the sign up forms located on the “Girls Corner” tab on our Envy Her webpage. You may also arrange for a Wink® fitting with our Singapore Office, Jeannie @ 9389 7240

Furthermore, Envy Her also provide services for timely exchanges of Wink® Shapewear products for a different size that better fits your contours. Feel free to approach our dedicated team at any of the fitting sessions for the best recommendations for your unique self today!

Envy Her. Be Her.


LUI TING NG (Taken From Google Review)

Comfortable shapewear that I have no problem wearing to sleep. Got the thigh and hips one as the 2x blaster was too tough to wear for me. Would have preferred it if there wasn’t bathroom access and if it was more affordable! Hoping that it will work well for me as I continue to wear it!

PATRICIA XIE (Taken From Google Review)

Strongly recommend if you’re looking for a comfortable shapewear that you can wear all day! Jeannie was friendly and provided honest recommendation on the type of shapewear required for me. I can see results in about 3 weeks and that really motivated me to wear it everyday!

NICOLE BOO (Taken From Google Review)

Jeannie is friendly and patient. The bikini is soft and comfortable and compression is good. Highly recommend!

ADEL KOH (Taken From Google Review)

Consultant was friendly and knowledgable. Their products are comfortable especially for postpartum mothers !

TATSUHIRO HAN (Taken From Google Review)

Very comfortable shape wear and it is able to compress my tummy and thighs. Many other shape wear tends to be too tight for daily wear. Highly recommend this if you are looking for a comfortable daily shape wear. 🙂

EDNA NG (Taken From Google Review)

Never thought shapewear can be so comfy! Totally busted the myth of uncomfy shapewear. It not only makes you look good but also feel good, days gone when you sat down and the shapewear just roll down yr tummy with the correct size. Really worth the price to invest in a few pieces and its definitely wont cost as much as those branded ones elsewhere. Fitting with Jeannie is a breeze and she dont give you any sales pressure too.

JEE YEN THAM (Taken From Google Review)

Jeannie is friendly and she got me the perfect size. Material not too thick, been wearing every night. Was such a pleasant experience dealing with Jeannie. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

PATRICIA GAN (Taken From Google Review)

After consulting Envy Her, I was recommended with Ultimate Belly Blaster. Initially I was concern as it comes with 2 straps that will make me uncomfortable. After fitting then I realized it is actually very comfortable to wear. I understand the material is unique and no one has replicas. Strongly recommended!!

CHANTAL SIMONE CHOO (Taken From Google Review)

Planned to buy one, and ended up with FOUR!! I initially got two- one Bikini and one Booty Shaper Shorts. They were so comfy that I was able to sleep in them! This is not to say they were not effective- I felt supported and “tight” but not like I couldn’t breathe.

With my purchases, I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes 3 weeks post-partum!
I then ended up getting another 2 more to alternate between washes.

Also, thank you, Jeannie, for making me feel so at ease at my consultation! I’ll definitely recommended it!

SAMANTHA LIM (Taken From Google Review)

Having just delivered a baby, I was on a lookout for effective shapewear and EnvyHer pop up in one of my searches. Why I purchase from them in the end is because of Jeannie's personalised fitting and advices on the pieces to get which is important to me. The pieces were very comfortable yet does its job of tucking in my excess flab very well!

Can't wait to wear the pieces and see the effect few months down the road. Thanks for the great service and product.

JOVELLE VALDERAMA (Taken From Google Review)

One of the best shaper I've ever wore. They are comfortable and it compresses the tummy without feeling suffocated. I've tried so many shape wear and many of them roll down after a few washes. But not envy shape wear. I would highly recommend this if you are looking quality and comfortable shape wear that is able to do its job.

RAE SU (Taken From Google Review)

I’ve purchased the booty shaper & Bikini, loving the material! It helps to give my body a better shape.

Professional service they have got! Answered most of my enquires.

WANWEN LAN (Taken From Google Review)

Lovely products!

PAMELA NG (Taken From Google Review)

Exceptional service provided by Jeannie! I messaged her after following the measurement intructions online to obtain my sizing. She was swift in replying and asked for my measurements to ensure that the sizing fits well for me. I felt it was almost customised! And she even mail out the shapewear on the same day. Greatly appreciate it very much!

LODICE (Taken From Google Review)

I love how the owner is friendly and able to meet the needs of the customer! Effective product that allowed me to stay confident after giving birth!

CHIAM SHU YI (Taken From Google Review)

Bought one bikini and one knee shapewear from EnvyHer! I love how comfortable it is, even wearing it more than 8hrs doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I literally wore it whole day and night! Can’t wait to get back my pre-pregnancy figure (or even slimmer)! Thank you!!

HL Goh (Taken From Google Review)

Jeannie is very patient with recommending the correct item suitable for my postpartum body during the fitting! Looking forward to try the product to shapenback my figure!

CHRISTINA CHIN (Taken From Google Review)

Bought their bikini shaper and knee shaper to wear for my post pregnancy. Love it! Highly recommend!

POH MAN YI (Taken From Google Review)

Wore wink for a day and I can see results in it ! Will continue to work hard and wear it everyday ! It is really comfortable and the material will not make you feel hot ! Highly recommend!! 💖💖

YA WEN HOW (Taken From Google Review)

Wonderful service provided from fitting to delivery of item. Item is very comfortable as well. Will recommend!

WINNIE OU (Taken From Google Review)

I love the materials being used for both the shapewear and bralettes!

The shapewear was comfortable to wear for Long hours and yet I can see the difference in my body shape.

The laces used in the bralette are very pretty and soft! The bralettes are very comfy too!

Service was awesome as they came to my place for a fitting and could advise me what was more suitable. No pressure to buy but who can resist such good quality items at such reasonable prices? Not me for sure!

JOYCE LEE (Taken From Google Review)

Bought a 2X blaster and wore it 3rd day after my delivery (c-sec). It felt snug and very comfortable, I could move and sleep in it well. I see very visible results in days, especially the tummy area. Still need to give it time to work it’s magic but very satisfied with the purchase!

The only downside is the hassle when using the bathroom. Overall I will recommend the product for post partum recovery!

Jeannie is very helpful with all my questions too. Thank you so much!

KHRISTINE ANNE QUE (Taken From Google Review)

Jennie was super helpful and accommodating! I wasn't sure if she would be able to deliver to the hotel I was staying in and if she'd be able to do it on time since I was only in Singapore for 2 days. But she assured me she will be able to do it and was surprised that the item arrived as soon as I checked in the hotel. The whole transaction was easy and stress free 🙂

CHOR VIVIAN (Taken From Google Review)

Bought ultimate skinny minny. Tried it on and oh my it was sooo comfy! Will be placing more orders soon for daily wear during the day. The 2 ladies were helpful and friendly too. Thumbs up 👆

GERALDINE ONG (Taken From Google Review)

Jeannie was especially patient and nice to handle all queries. She recommended good and products that really serves me well. Wink is so comfortable and I wear it daily. It helps to give my body a better shape and looks better generally. Recommended!

LISHAN ANG (Taken From Google Review)

Love the compression feel and the material. On my first month I wore the belly buster (M size) . My waist was 36in back then. After 10 weeks, I bought another piece; the ultimate bikini piece (S size). I am 27in now. :)))))) For me, the bikini piece felt more comfortable as the back doesn't go all the way to the top. It's easier to match with clothes. Highly recommended :))) I also did jamu massage, i suppose doing both helps.

MEIXIN ZHENG (Taken From Google Review)

I purchased wink for c-sect postpartum recovery use as the band sold by doctor was causing me much discomfort to continue for use at home. Jeannie was prompt with her responses and recommendations. Size recommendation was also spot on after passing her pictures and measurements. Material is comfortable to wear even without air-con for long hours.

PHYLLIS CHNG (Taken From Google Review)

I bought two pieces of ULTIMATE POSTPARTUM ULTRA BIKINI from Envy Her 11Apr18 and received them on 13Apr18. Prior to order, I consulted Jeannie for size and patterns (that suit me) and Jeannie really gave me prompt responses.

I wear the Envy Her shapewear for long hours and I could feel nothing and very comfortable to wear on!! I did purchase other brands before, however, I normally will not wear them more than 3 hours, cause I could hardly breath when wearing other brands.

Last but not least, I will definitely recommend my friends and purchase shapewear from Envy Her again as it’s really a wise choice to buy! 物超所值 😘

CLAIRE LIM (Taken From Google Review)

Recently purchased the nursing bralettes!
Is really stylish, comfy and even pretty to look at! Will definitely purchase more soon!

Other than the bralettes, my previous purchase on the winkshape wear; it’s seamless material makes it very comfortable to wear for Long hours and is almost invisible to be noticed under clothes!

JACQUELINE CHEN (Taken From Google Review)

The maternity bra that I bought was really good! It's stylish and comfy. Bought 1 initially to try but soon regretted that I should buy more instead ! Can't wait to try them on from my next purchase! 🙂

SHERIN TAN (Taken From Google Review)

definitely regain figure faster after wearing wearing the wink binder daily. Have repurchase it again so you know how good it is!!

i am able to wear back most of my pre-pregnancy clothes by the 3rd month!

CAROL CHIN (Taken From Google Review)

it’s been a pleasure purchasing my first maternity bra from envyme. Jeannie has been really helpful in recommend the bras that is suitable for me. After a discussion, I decided on Barbara convertible bralette. I must say, before I purchase the bralette, I always thought this kind of bra is only suitable and will only look nice for bigger boobs ladies. I was sooooo wrong! When I receive it, it was love at first sight! So pretty!! And when I tried it on, I was wow! The bra was so comfortable, and the amazing part on this bralette is that the support is extremely good! Because of the thick Under band, it really gives the support that our breast needed, yet it still looks so sexy. I am so gonna order so many more bralettes. It is always good to make one self look pretty on the “inside” and outside! Money well spent! Thank you envyme and Jeannie! Will highly recommend u to all of my friends!

Andy Chiew (Taken from Google Review)

I was recently recommended by friends about Wink shapewear and i contacted Jeannie for a fitting...it has been six months since i have birth to my twins and i put on almost 30kg and expanded my waistline. I seriously though im gone case nothing is able to help me recover my before pregnancy waistline. Luckily with Wink shapewear, i bought ultra bikini(M) which can tighten as i slim down and i actually became slimmer after conscientiously wearing it for about 10days. I'll definitely go back to buy other designs when i start work in smaller size in coming near future as image is very important to a lady especially at work. Mothers are great and should entitle to their happiness. Happy mothers = Happy babies . I feel good and confident and happy because my tummy is much firmer n slimmer now after wearing Wink 🙂

Rose Pillai (Taken from Google Review)

Very very good, customer oriented business. I had bought a couple of Wink shapewear only to find out that they were the wrong sizes. I got in touch with Jeannie and she went out of the way to make sure she suggested the right size of Wink shapewear, by first communicating in detail over texting and requesting pictures. She could have stopped there but no!She makes an appointment to see me in person with new sets of Wink Shapewear in the correct sizes. Viola!Everything I bought was exchanged and they fit me like a glove now. The product itself is amazing, material feels like second skin, so much so i could possibly attempt yoga in my skinny minny!

But its the service that will probably bring me back to Envy Her!

Great service! Great product!Ladies!!What are you waiting for ?!:)

Christine Lee (Taken from Google Review)

I have been tried many different brands and material of traditional pull-up girdles for ages and always find them ineffective; gets loose easily, hard to remove when at the toilet and does not provide sufficient support.

I recently gave birth to my second born 5 months ago and was desperately looking for a girdle that is comfortable for daily wear and will not aggravate my c-sec wound. It was by chance when i saw a fb ad on Wink 2 months ago and am now sharing my experience with you.

Jeannie and her team are extremely patient and efficient in their replies. My 1st fitting was arranged within the week and after some advice from Jeannie's assistant, I bought 2 Ultimate Belly Blaster (which is ideal for women who are healing from their c-sec) in size L. I have been wearing it religiously for the past 2 months and I dropped a pant size (this is only possible as the material is really comfortable for daily wear). The Ultimate Belly Blaster aid in the tightening of my loose skin and also help to firm up my flabby tummy.

My friends and colleagues saw the improvement in my figure and have also bought for themselves!

I can't wait to receive the new size M Ultimate Body 2X Blaster Black to target the firming of my thighs as well.

Thank you Jeannie and Team!

Alene Z (Taken from Google Review)

I purchased the Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini Nude to help me conquer the belly fats after delivering my baby. Was surprised by the comfort fit even after a day's wear. Love the material!

Khoo LP (taken from Google Review)

I bought the ultimate postpartum ultra bikini after my delivery. It helps to maintain my body shape especially at the loosen tummy and it was very comfortable to wear for the whole day.I will definitely recommend to those who are looking for effective and comfortable shapewear to try it!

Ann Teo (taken from Google Review)

I have been using Winks shapewear since my first child. Recently i just had my third one. Not once has Winks shapewear let me down. I wore them religiously after every birth and my tummy is back to pre pregnancy usually within months!

Ivy Seah (taken from Google Review)

After giving birth to twins, my tummy has been so flabby and loose its been very demoralising. Wink Shape wear is so comfortable I can easily wear it without feeling hot and it has helped me to shape my tummy. Although it's been only a month but my tummy is much flatter and tighter than it was and I intend to wear it for much longer to help slim down my tummy further. I highly recommend this shapewear to my friends or anyone who is keen on slimming down.

Jizelle Leona (taken from Google Review)

Been a patron of Envy Her since last year when i gave birth to my first born, in csec delivery. Wore the Ultimate Postpartum ultra bikini from Day3 after my surgery. IT IS DEFINITELY BETTER THAN ANY BINDERS OR TUMMY TRAINERS!I can move and walk without any pain or worries from my incision resulting for me to order another Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini....yep i became so addicted to this product that i even bought the Belly&Hip Shaper...Im glad to share i have bought new items and so excited to try, of course another size smaller. You see?It works in wonders!!!!!

Charmaine Lye (taken from Google Review)

Love it! Used after postpartum and managed to use from outer clasp to the most inner clasp! Figure back to postpartum already 🙂

Wendy (taken from Google Review)

This is my second time purchased after 2+ years. I remembered in 2014, after i gave birth of my 3rd baby. it was difficult losing the extra weight gained due to my age (40+) and busy schedule without exercise. I decided to try "Ultimate Body 2X Blaster" & "Ultimate Skinny Minny" from WINK. I had been wearing them almost everyday (fr size L to S) in these years without realizing. They are still elastic. I am very satisfied with the quality and my right choice to give me back my physical confidence. I thanks Jeannie for her superb service to my doorstep for twice. I definitely will continue to buy shapewear from WINK. Highly recommended for all the beauty conscious women, regardless usual or postpartum one.

Jolene (mummy of twin girls)

Comfy and soft material makes it comfy enough to wear it to bed. The opening with hooks at the bottom makes it easy to go to the restroom. My tummy became flatter in two weeks!

Syamimi Zainal

After 6 months giving birth, the tummy n hips are harder to go down.. chance upon wink shape wear and reviews about it has been positive. So I took the gamble and bought one first as it's quite pricey. However! It's definitely worth the gamble. I got the ultimate skinny minny and upon wearing, it completely tucks in the tummy, my hips and waist. Pregnancy tummy gone magically when I wore it. And it's very comfortable. Would love to get a second wink shapewear soon if budget allows! For now, I'm definitely happy with the skinny minny! Gave 4 stars for it. But if it's way affordable, it's definitely 5 star.


Quah Xinyi

WINK is the secret to looking fabulous!
I'm a 20 year old young adult who's troubled by big hips and thighs and flabby tummy. Have decided to try on the booty shaper knee and I have to say this product did not disappoint me at all. It is very airy and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. It did gives the appearance of a slimmer body that helps to boost my self-esteem and confidence of my own body. Even now when I take off the booty shaper knee, I can feel my flabby tummy more firmer and tighter and flatter than before. Would definitely continue to wear this shapewear and also strongly recommend this product to all the young peeps out there who desire to have a better silhouette. Certainly worth the buy!


I am definitely very pleased ...

Wink shape wear not only helps me to lose my tummy, it also helps to give me a shapelier figure. I am definitely very pleased ...

Mummy Tuan

WINK is the best shapewear I have tried so far.

WINK is the best shapewear I have tried so far. The material is suitable for Singapore weather and priced reasonably. Only thing is you have to wear it everyday in order to see results. I have since lost 8kg compared to pre pregnancy weight and am wearing 2XS bikini still.

Disa Abdul

I have lost an inch after wearing them for just 2 weeks!

I have lost an inch after wearing them for just 2 weeks! Shapewear is so comfortable and it gives you the compression that you need. I hope in the months to come, I will lose more and be back in my pre-pregnancy weight! I will definitely recommend wink shape wear!

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