It’s all about the science.

No matter what type of procedure that you have undergone, leading physicians recommend compression using compression shapewears as a key post-operative and post-natal healing tool. Compression shapewear helps in skin retraction by compressing the uterus, aiding in body shaping during the healing process, resulting in a flatter, slimmer tummy. With our Wink® Shapewear, it is the ultimate post natal body care solution that shapes you up instantly, reducing flabby tummies and give you that hourglass figure you have always desired!

Scientifically tested and clinically proven, our Wink® Shapewear Slimming garments/girdles are the perfect compression solutions for your prescribed recovery period! Wink® Shapewear is the only medical grade compression shapewear that is strong enough to provide optimum compression, yet soft enough to provide all-day comfort.

Post-surgical Recovery

During reconstructive and aesthetic procedures such as liposuction, dermal, subcutaneous fat and muscle layers are disturbed, causing trauma to blood vessels, capillaries, lymphatic system and connective tissues. Blood that leaks into the tissues will later lead to inflammation, which slows down the healing process. Post-surgical compression is highly recommended by doctors to lessen inflammation and stretching of dermal tissue for proper healing. With Wink®, it is able to:

– Reduce fluid build-up in sub-dermal surgical lipectomy areas
– Encourage proper skin adhesion to newly contoured areas
– Provide constant, even compression, promoting blood flow
– Help hold surgical dressings in place
– Help reduce pain while providing comfort and support

Postpartum and Slimming

Muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic channels, and connective fibres attaching skin to deeper structures can all be bruised, or damaged during pregnancy, labor, and birth following a normal or cesarean birth. Wearing Wink® will help to:

– Compress and flush potentially harmful body fluids away from the skin, thus reducing edema
– Minimize bruising by compression of small blood vessels and capillaries
– Compress the uterus faster, resulting in a flatter tummy
– Reduce possible risk of infection when potentially harmful fluids are not allowed to accumulate


Ultimate Body 2X Blaster

– Aid in body contouring and skin retraction by firm compression of the skin during the healing process
– Provide improved comfort by compression proven support


Recommended Wink® compression wear


Ultimate Body 2X Blaster

The Ultimate Body 2X Blaster is our best seller, a Wink® slimming wear powerhouse that gives a full compression treatment for the booty, belly and thighs as it extends to the knee. It also has a full back coverage for compressing back fat. It comes with adjustable hook and eye closures in front with the crotch opening for easy bathroom access.

Perfect for: Post surgery and pregnancy wear. The Ultimate Body 2X Blaster aims to provide slimming and compression consistency throughout the body, giving a wholesome slimming treatment. The Ultimate Body 2X Blaster mainly aims at belly, waist, the hips and thighs compressions. Get ready for that hourglass figure of yours ladies!



Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini

Ultimate Postpartum Bikini

With a double layer of Wink® patented Coolmax COMPRESSASOFT® fabric, the Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini gives double the compression in a bikini length, delivering effective and long-lasting compression power, while still able to keep you cool even in hot humid Singapore. It has an elastic band at the top of the garment to prevent the garment from rolling down, providing support and reduces camping during breastfeeding. It comes with 3 layers of adjustable eye and hook closures at crotch for easy bathroom access. The Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini also allows for adjustment for different torso height.

Perfect for: Belly and waist compression. The Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini can be worn immediately after natural delivery so as to allow for the best post-natal body care and recovery through compression. Furthermore the Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini is the perfect choice for those who want to look 2 sizes smaller as it is great for slimming and reducing flabby tummies.


Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini

The Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini is similar to the Original bikini, except that it has hook and eye closures on the side of the slimming garment. This is to allow for more flexibility and adjustments for your comfort and preference.

Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini

Perfect for: Post caesarian section operations and recovery. Because of the extra hook and eye closures on the side of the slimming garment, the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini has the ability to tighten on the sides to allow for a more intimate surgery compression around the tummy, speeding up the recovery process while slimming down the tummy and waistline as well.


Where performance meets comfort.

Our Wink® Shapewears are made of our patented COMPRESSASOFT® fabric that embodies an entirely new textile technology. COMPRESSASOFT® is recognized by the textile engineering community as the latest “cutting edge” textile technology using state-of-the-art fibers, machinery and design. Wink® Shapewear garments are specially designed for continued comfort and long-term performance that outlasts leading competitors.

More info:

Key features of Wink® shaping wear

Power/stretch from 49/51 constructions

Power and stretch are perfectly balanced to deliver the optimum compression for comfortable, effective healing. Wink® Shapewear garments are made of an unprecedented 49% Soft Lycra for maximum comfort and performance, above the average 20% Lycra commonly found in most compression garments in the marketplace. The Wink® Shapewear 49/51 construction is specially tailored to target the booty, belly, waistline, hips and thighs.


Even with a strong compression, Wink® shapewear does not compromise its comfort. Wink® Shapewears are made of premium yarns to provide superior softness for all-day comfort.


Our certified fabrics are the longest lasting stretch fabric available today. Even after 60 washes, Wink® garments retain their shape and perform to standard.

Moisture control

Our Wink® Shapewear contains engineered Coolmax COMPRESSASOFT® fabric to keep wearers cool and dry by providing optimal moisture management, thereby enhancing the wearer’s comfort.


Wink® Shapewear is the only compression garment with a permanent anti-microbial finish that fights the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.