You are beautiful and we are here to make you feel it and believe it.

Let your confidence exude from within and it can all start with just a Wink®!

It is time to discover the secret to an hourglass figure with Wink® Shapewear, a leading slimming shapewear and girdles brand recognized in South East Asia that promises premium quality slimming garments designed for long-lasting performance and unrivaled comfort.

NO pills. NO gimmicks. NO dieting! Simply Wink®

Wink® Shapewear slimming garments and girdles are specially designed and tailored for all ladies who want to feel good and look good. Wink® Shapewears comes with a whole variety of different compression garments, ranging from Bikini wear, lingerie, girdles and many more!

Wink® Shapewears effectively target major areas such as the booty, tummy, waistline, hips and thighs, naturally reducing flabby areas and even bringing a dress size down – instantly. Yes, INSTANTLY! So whether you are heading for a post-natal recovery or just want to look good on a special occasion, Wink® Shapewear Slimming Garment is the perfect solution for you.

Our Service. Flexible. Dedicated. Entirely free.

Here at Envy Her, we provide the best services for our dear customers, where we offer free fitting sessions at either Pasir Ris  which can be arranged via the sign up forms on our Envy Her webpage. You may also arrange for a Wink® fitting with our Singapore Office, Jeannie @ 9389 7240

Furthermore, Envy Her also provide services for timely exchanges of Wink® Shapewear products for a different size that better fits your contours. Feel free to approach our dedicated team at any of the fitting sessions for the best recommendations for your unique self today!

Envy Her. Be Her.