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Bye bye fat cells! Liposuction has been a popular procedure among many who are looking to ‘lose weight’ quickly and get rid of unwanted fats in a certain area. If you are unsure of what liposuction is, it is a medical procedure to remove unwanted fat cells in your body. Yay to a new body! But if you were to not look after yourself properly after the surgery, you may say “Hello, new problems.”


Liposuction was developed to remove fats, but it is not meant to tighten skin! So in this case, what happens after you have removed excess fats below your skin? If you were to remove a small area of fats, you will not experience saggy skin technically. BUT. If you were to remove a large number of fat cells, the skin may appear and look saggy and loose! So now, is it really worth it to go for liposuction if your skin may still look saggy and loose? 


Fortunately, with your determination, we can change that! Compression garments have been highly recommended by doctors to help encourage a faster healing process. But of course, you need to be diligent about wearing the compression garment consistently! Why so?


Post-surgical swelling

The swelling will occur after any post-surgical procedures. Swelling is the result due to increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the inflammation. By having compression on the tissues, it will help our body to reabsorb the edema fluid (The medical term for swelling) that accumulates after the surgery. This means that with compression, it will help control and decrease potential swelling. 


Enhancing contours and final appearance of your skin

By removing the upper fatty layer on top of the abdominal wall, wearing a compression garment will help to maintain the new contours by holding the skin and tissues to its position. The compression garment will help to remind your skin to stay to its new position over time, with consistent wear. 


With consistent wear daily, your recovery process will definitely quicken and provide you with better your final result of Liposuction will be amplified with the use of shapewear.

Now, Envy Her, Wink Shapewear is here to help! With smooth, breathable medically-graded Lycra shapewear, you won’t have to worry about not finding the right shapewear for your post-surgical needs. With various designs with targeted areas to choose from, we can be there for you through your surgical needs. Bye Bye Fat Cells, No More Problems!