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History of Shapewear

Shapewear is a type of under garment that has been around since ancient times and it has manifested itself in many forms throughout the ages. Shapewear has evolved from girdles; worn by ancient Greek women, to corsets; that were popular in the Middle Ages up to the Victorian Era, to camisoles; popular in the 20th century, to its current modern slick elastic form that we are so familiar with. In current times shapewear is also called slimwear, body wraps, tummy tuckers, waist trimmers and a whole plethora of other creative names thought up by the marketing brains of our modern era.

Whatever form or name shapewear takes, its main aim is to control and shape the figure of the human body. Yes, the human body because men too have started using shapewear, it is not just us women who want to hide the extra pounds and create the illusion of a toned and leaner body.

Shapewear in Our Modern Society

It is now; in our high tech internet crazed world that shapewear is at its greatest height in terms of usage and popularity. You can see celebrities like the Kardashians, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Eva Longoria wearing shapewear. You will find out how widespread shapewear is simply by searching through the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How Does Shapewear work?

All things being equal, some clothes will look more flattering on us than others because of superior sewing and cutting. This logic applies to shapewear as well.

Essentially Shapewear works as an under garment that compresses fat to temporarily smoothen out areas of the body, shaping your figure into a more desirable and fashionable silhouette. Shapewear can help you portray a smaller waist, create a fuller looking bust or emphasize your curvy hips. Whatever your needs, science and technology has made shapewear the ultimate secret weapon for looking good for women (and men!). A well designed shapewear using high tech fabrics can “shape” the curves and flabs of your body in the right places with pinpoint accuracy. You can choose to play them up or down by using the right type of shapewear. Unwanted extra flabs can be “moved” into spaces where a muscle is compressed and good shapewear that is well-designed can even “move” fat into more desirable areas like your butt and cleavage. Some of these types of well-engineered shapewear even have the ability to have long-lasting effects for toning and shaping your body instead of creating just an illusion of a more beautiful, slimmer silhouette.

Ultimately, shapewear has become a crucial part of our lives, not only to make us look good but also to make us feel good and confident. However hard you try, it will be nearly impossible to ignore shapewear and its benefits. The key is finding the right shapewear and coupled with a healthy lifestyle the sky’s the limit for looking and feeling great.