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When you think of shapewear, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? In other meaning, shapewear is another word for Compression Garment. Compression garments have been more actively presented and worn by athletes. Whether it has been popularised for its comfort and aesthetic looks, it is primarily used for its ability, to promote recovery


With this in mind, a shapewear acts exactly the same as an athlete’s compression garment where it will promote recovery for postpartum moms or post-surgical compression. Designed to be just like our second skin, compression garment applies surface pressure on our body to boost blood circulation, and ultimately, supports and aids in our healing process too. 


Focusing on postpartum recovery, compression garments are used for 3 main areas to aid in your recovery and healing process:

  • Compression & recovery 
  • Speeding up healing processes 
  • Bringing organs into their original position postpartum 


During pregnancy, the muscles and ligaments in our lower back are pulled back by the weight of your child, also leaving our skin to be stretched out. With a heavy pregnant belly, it also causes our spines to deepen and curve to support the weight of the child. 


Once we have given birth, a shapewear is able to support by bringing in the stretched skin to its original position, and moulding the body back to shape. Compression will also aid in the reduction of swelling and water retention in the abdomen. Our organs are also pushed to certain positions in our abdomen to support our babies in our womb. With extra room in our abdomen after our uterus shrink after giving birth, our organs are able to slowly shift back to its original position after birth with supported compression. 


At the end of the day, we need some extra support to promote and aid in our healing processes postpartum – Have you gotten your piece yet? Check out Wink Shapewear with Envy Her today!