I am definitely very pleased

Personally, I had very good experience purchasing WINK. I first came across this brand in the Expo Baby Fair. Due to carrying baby, I am unable to try and just bought size S bikini. Upon trying at home, I can’t fit at all and it’s already end of Expo fair and I contacted Jeannie and she allowed me to do a 1-1 exchange

She was very patient in answering all my queries as I was very confused what to purchase due to the varieties in the shape wear (Spoilt for choices). She made some recommendation for me after I told her my problem areas. I tried a few and in the end, I bought the Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini for day wear and Ultimate Body 2X blaster for night wear ( All Size L) and Tummy Tucker Tank ( For gym) for maximum slimming effect as I want to go back to my pre pregnancy figure in the shortest time! Total weight gain is 20KG!

Honestly speaking, the material is very stretchy, snug and comfy. No roll up, no suffocation experienced at all! However, I do perspire a lot wearing the bikini during day time and I believe my fats was “melting” away. Haha.. In less than a month, I had dropped a dress size and my tummy became smaller and I had lost a few kilos!

My family was very impressed on the speed of my recovery process. My elder sis who had also recently just given birth was so impressed and also purchased Wink Shape wear. She too had very good purchasing experience with Joanne as she really provided very good customer service and advice. Very patient lady indeed!

As I was losing weight too fast, I need to buy a smaller size in less than a month! But what can I complain about? So I bought Size M Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini and Ultimate Body 2X blaster

Right now, I had already returned to work and all my colleagues were very impressed with my figure as I don’t look like a mother of 2 or a mother who just given birth!

Wink shape wear not only helps me to lose my tummy, it also helps to give me a shapelier figure. I am definitely very pleased J

I will continue to wear as my goal is to wear the Size S!


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