Wink® Garments are specially designed to accommodate all body shapes and sizes due to its unique ability to mold into each body and provide intimate compression. For that perfect fit, measurements should be taken from the waist, hips and thighs based on the size chart as shown below. Please note that this is an approximate guideline and may vary with different individuals. Customers can also make arrangements for timely exchanges should the Wink® shapewear not fit your contours optimally.

Measure for success.

Wink garments are designed to accommodate most body types. If you are getting the garment for postpartum wear, we suggest measuring post-delivery. But should you prefer to have your garments on hand on the day you deliver, we offer some measurement guidelines below.

NOTE: If you are not pregnant or have delivered, please follow the sizing based on your current waist measurement.

For post-pregnancy wear, please add a size up from pre-pregnancy size for every 15 lbs. weight gain.

Pre-Pregnancy, you are:Post Pregnancy, we recommend:
Waist (inches)Clothing size (US)0 – 15 lbs weight gain:15-30 lbs weight gain:
21-23< 0AB or XSAB-BB or XS-S
23-250-2BB or SBB-BC or S-M
25-272-4BC or MBC-CC or M-L
27-29.54-6CC or LCC-CD or L-XL
29.5 – 32.56-8CD or XLCD-DD or XL-2XL
32.5 – 368-10DD or 2XLDD-DE or 2XL-3XL
36 – 4010-12DE or 3XLDE-EE or 3XL-4XL
40 – 4412-14EE or 4XLEE-EF or 4XL-5XL
44 – 4814-16EF or 5XLEF or 5XL
48 – 5216-18NANA


If you are not pregnant, please follow sizing below:

SizeWaist (inches)Clothing size (US)
AA or 2XS21-23< 0
AB or XS23-250-2
BB or S25-272-4
BC or M27-29.54-6
CC or L29.5 – 32.56-8
CD or XL32.5 – 368-10
DD or 2XL36 – 4010-12
DE or 3XL40 – 4412-14
EE or 4XL44 – 4814-16
EF or 5XL48 – 5216-18


Please note the following:

Old SizesNew Sizes

If you are still pregnant and would like to order your garments now, here are the guidelines to measure:

1) If you are interested in bikini style models, thigh measurements will not matter in determining size.

2) Measure your hips and refer to our chart for your size. Add a size up for your waist. For example, if you are a size Medium according to the chart for your hips, then your waist will be estimated to be a size larger. In this case, it will be a size Large. The size according to your waist measurement should be the size you order.

3) Commonly, most women will be 2 sizes larger than what they were before pregnancy.


If you have delivered and would like help in determining sizes:

1) If your hips, thighs and waist falls into different sizes according to the chart, take the largest size of the three.

2) Thigh measurements will not matter if you are interested in bikini style models.