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Every mother’s breastfeeding phase is beautiful. However, the thought of possibly not having enough milk supply may cross your mind once or twice, or always. Your body is made to cater to your child’s needs, your body was made for it, so do not stress over it, but let your body to do its job! But… there is never any harm in trying one or two remedies out there that could help you increase your milk supply, isn’t it?


During pregnancy, your body will start to change, in preparation for its initial phase of breastfeeding. Your breasts will start to swell, becoming bigger and heavier. The milk glands in your breasts, namely Alveoli will be activated to start producing milk. Once your breasts start to swell, it is essential that they are not constricted and tight around your rib cage as this may affect milk flow and supply.


Our milk ducts are not only within our breasts themselves but also extend all the way from our rib cage till up into our armpits. With this in mind, it is essential to ensure that the milk ducts are able to move freely and prevent engorgement. It may even come to Mastitis – Inflammation of the breast tissue which may involved breast swelling and pain, with fever possibly.  The question is, will wearing underwire bras cause milk flow supply to be lesser? The truth is, there is no hard evidence that Nursing moms should not be wearing underwire bras, but instead, the real culprit is when we are wearing our bras too tight


With this said, underwire bras tend to still have a higher chance of causing engorgement as they are created to provide well-rounded support, leaving pressure on the breasts and rib cage. I mean, we can all relate when we want to remove our bras the first thing we reach home, don’t we? So, ladies, it’s time to ditch those bras that are just too tight and unbreathable on your skin and like what they say – Let ‘em Free! It’s time to seek after a better bra alternative! Check out our Envy Her Bralettes range today!