Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini


This compression garment is seamless under clothing, offering TWO LAYERS of silky medical compression material.

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“ I was looking for a good surgery compression garment after I had my liposuction operation, going on to forums and checking through the website. I bought a few garments, including Wink’s, and tried them all out. What really defines Wink garments were its softness and quality feel to it, though abit more expensive, but it has a more genuine compression as compared to the rest, and reading that it actually contains the most tactel Nylon and lycrosoft, as compared to other brands which uses less durable materials, I threw the rest away and just used Wink products! Haha it has been great and really gave me the confidence I need! Much thanks!”

Juline Tay




Why We Love It!

Wink® Shapewear Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini provides compression and support during your first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgeries recovery. Besdies postpartum recovery, this bikini can also be worn as a shapewear and is ideal for someone looking for strong yet gentle compression garment to smooth out the love handles and back fat rolls. This compression Wink® Shapewear helps to elimiate lax skin, baby pooch following a delivery and abdominal surgeries. Unlike the Wink® Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini, it has extra eye and hook closures on the side of the garment for further adjustments and tightening.


– Pull on style

– Thick band Shapewear prevents garment from rolling down when sitting

– 3 layers of eye and hook closures at crotch area to adjust for different torso length

– Extra eye and hook closures on side of the garment

– 2 layers of Wink® patented COMPRESSASOFT® fabric for added compression

– Higly suitable for use after pregnancy, cesarean section and other abdominal surgeries

– Bikini length

– Compression level: High

– Fabric content: 51% Tactel Nylon, 49% Lycrosoft | 100% Latex and Formaldehyde Free

Suitable body shapes

– Hourglass

– Apple

– Banana

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