Wink Shapewear Self-Fitting Kit

Have you been struggling to know what is your correct size and which model suits you best? Has this hindered your buying experience? We heard your feedback.

And that’s why we introduce to you: Envy Her Self-Fitting Kit. With Self-Fitting, you will not have to worry again whether you have picked the wrong sizes for yourself! Try our like-second-skin intimates at the comfort of your home today.

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Have you been struggling to know what is your correct size and which model suits you best? Has this hindered your buying experience? We heard your feedback. And that’s why, we introduce to you: Envy Her Self-Fitting Kit.

Through our Programme, you can select from our various ranges/models and sizes for yourself. With an initial deposit of $100, you get to try and experience our pieces in the comfort of your home. You will get to choose up to a maximum of (03) three various shapewear designs with (03) three bralettes of your choices and get them delivered to your doorstep!

After trying and experiencing our like-second-skin intimates, all you have to do is to page our inhouse courier uncle to pick up your products! (Courier is free, yes!) Should you be interested in purchasing our items after you have chosen your picks, simply log in your orders online and we will have our uncle to do a one-to-one exchange of our fitting kit pieces for your new pieces! In this case, we will extend free delivery just for you!

However, should you choose to purchase only after you have returned the fitting kit pieces to us, shipping will only be at $6 below $300 worth of orders and FREE above $300!

Shopping made easier, just for you.



Here is the process below of our Envy Her Self-Fitting Kit:

Step 1: 

Consider your needs! Do you want to use shapewear to slim and tone up your tummy? Or is it your thighs? Do you want to use it for back-to-work purposes or for confinement? Or just got everyday slimming?


Step 2:

Go to our website at and browse our wide range of curated shapewear + bralettes! 


Step 3: 

Head to our sizing guide and get yourself measured! Kindly use our bikini models as the basis of your measurements and upsize or downsize for other models accordingly!

Sizing guide:


Step 4: (Optional)

Should you still be unclear of your measurements or what products you should be choosing, kindly contact us via email at or for faster responses, phone number: +65 9389 7240 to talk to our friendly consultant, Jeannie! When talking to our consultants, we may ask for your front and side view of your lower body, together with your measurements to understand the size you belong to!


Step 5: 

Log in your orders in our self-fitting page and choose up to 3 shapewear + 3 bralettes OF YOUR CHOICE at an initial deposit of $100 only!

Free shipping will be extended to you!

All products that are sent to you are fitting pieces and will be tagged accordingly to prevent misuse of products. 


Step 6:

After you have received the products, please try them on within the timeframe: 3 working days. An instruction guide on “What to do next” and purchase form has been placed together with the fitting pieces. Kindly read the instruction guide on what to do next! After trying on the products, you are now ready to purchase your new items online! All you have to do is log in the order based on the correct model and size that you have chosen and bam, you’re done! 


Step 7: When the fitting pieces have reached back in our showroom for a check, we will release the initial $100 back to you! (The amount will be credited back within 3-5 working days.)

Shipping & Delivery
Upon verification of payment and in-stock items, you should receive the parcel within 03-05 business working days. All packages are dispatched via ENVY HER courier service with the below delivery route. Kindly refer to our shipping & delivery page for more information and details. For international orders, you should receive the parcel within 14 business working days.