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24th February 2015

We are happy to share the product review by Audrey

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My postpartum baby pouch is almost gone yay! Thanks to the Winkshapewear

Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikinislimming garment courtesy of ♥︎


I waited a week to heal before starting to wear this compression garment, and I’ve only worn it daily for a few hours for the past week, so I’m really impressed with the results! It’s also surprisingly comfortable, helps to tuck my loose tummy in without suffocating me 😀 Its about 2 weeks postpartum right now and I’m down 8kg from the initial 15kg I gained! Will definitely continue to wear this while waiting to get back to my pre pregnancy weight 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 5.17.09 pm

(This is the one I’m wearing!)

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