Negative Ion clothes passes negative ions into our body by allowing our skin to “breathe in” the negative ions into our blood and systems.

Nefflon is a specially designed fabric, made from Teviron fibers. Nefflon was invented in Japan. The unique Nefflon fiber blend surrounds you with negative ions. These products are produced to offer these four functions in mind: Warmth, comfort, health and safety. The products are known to produce negative ions that regulates the concentration of calcium ion’s in our body, but also boosting immune systems and reliving pain safety.

4 main benefits of Teviron and Neoron

1. It generates a High Density of Negative Ions

Usually when two items rub against one another, the statics induced would leave one item with positive charge while the other, with negative charge. However, for the case for Teviron, when it rub against the other materials, it generates negative static electricity and negative ions.


2. Excellent Flame Retardancy

Teviron is a retardant material that is able to contain the spread of fire flames.


3. Superior Moisture and Water Permeability

When water is trapped in the fiber, evaporation of water from the body will dissipate heat quickly, resulting in lowering of body heat. This material will not absorb water and dries quickly even when soaked in water, thus keeping skin dry and comfortable.


4. Excellent Heat Regulation and Insulation

The material is a fiber with low heat conductivity. It has excellent heat insulation capability to prevent loss of body heat.

Figure A (left) – Teviron (Left), Wool (Right). Figure B (right) – Cool Colors (Left), Warm Colors (Right)

Why should we wear?

Negative ions in our surroundings is limited and there is an excess of positive ions as compared to negative ions. As such, with the amount of negative ions we would need per day, it is essential for us to have a perfect safeguard for our health.

The largest organ in our body is our skin. By breathing, we may only be able to absorb 15% of negative ions. However, with negative ion clothing, we are able to use our skin to absorb these negative ions, rising the efficiency of absorbing negative ions to 85% and more!


Who is this for?

Nefflon is definitely suitable for everyone and anyone of all ages and walks of life. It is beneficial for all by providing a natural everyday wear, negative ion protective layer and protect/repel harmful environmental pollutants.


Is it suitable for children or babies?

If you have children, let them be the first among the rest to try these negative ion clothing. What is great about Nefful products is that it has no negative side effects to their bodies since it is not consumed orally.

Also, it helps to enhance the balance the pH of your children, rejuvenation of body cells, help increase cell metabolism and strengthen your child’s immune system. Since our children are much more active and tend to perspire a lot, Nefful’s products which has superior water permeability, put yourself at ease as these products can help to whisk away moisture from their bodies, allowing it to evaporate easily.