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As we move into a world and space that is environmentally-stressful (Think of huge overproduction of clothes and heavily dyed fabrics), it is scary to visualize how much we may impact the environment no matter how big or small our actions are. Being in the fast-moving production industry, sometimes as manufacturers, we tend to make more than what is needed because that is the norm or as consumers, we seek variations and options – often with a lower price tag.

“Historically, undergarments have been classified as throwaway items under the assumption that less fabric equates to a lesser need for craftsmanship and, consequently, a lower price tag. With this, fast fashion brands have dropped lingerie prices, sacrificing quality for unethical labor, and produced more than ever before.” (Abram, 2020)

Trying to make a little difference in the world or specifically, in our tiny little red dot in Singapore, at Envy Her Singapore, we knew we had to make a change or to do our part. As we started the journey of self-manufacturing our bralettes/lingerie back in 2016, we worked closely with an overseas factory to produce our designs. But that didn’t stop us from having the dream of eventually moving our production back home – where we can really watch over the production and make magic happen. We were so excited when we were given the opportunity where we connected with a few seamstresses in Singapore in 2019 and that was when it could happen. But it didn’t stop there. We didn’t want to just outsource our production outside, we wanted to produce them in-house for better quality control and to be able to really bring a piece to life when we work closely with our seamstresses. We are thankful that our seamstresses C and A were agreeable to join our Envy Her team to be our in-house seamstresses! That said, it doesn’t mean that as a seamstress, you know how to craft a bralette. It takes skills (I’m not kidding, my colleague, J is still in phase 1 of sewing shoulder straps only) and a lot of practice to craft a beautiful lingerie piece.

With our in-house production in house, this also means we are able to really brand ourselves differently – in a manner that promotes sustainability and as a conscious-made line. 

We wouldn’t dare to utter that we are a 100% sustainable brand but we do know, we are trying to support the sustainable movement in small ways. Here are some ways we are actively doing as of date, and if you do find there are ways we can improve on, do let us know!

1) Reusable High-Quality Packaging 

As consumers, we always appreciate having to receive our orders in a beautiful box or a pretty poly mailer bag. But let’s be real, how often do you keep that box or poly mailer bag and reuse it? Usually, we simply just throw them away. At Envy Her, we try to reduce the amount of waste that comes with the order. As such, in each order – We always pack them in a reusable ziplock bag and a thick, sturdy linen drawstring bag.

We don’t think of them as just packaging, but additional perks that come with your order (yay!) How would you reuse them? My favorite way is to pack my dirty clothes inside especially when I am out and about in the day!

Oh! And in case you didn’t know, the happy man that delivers your parcel is our own in-house courier uncle! With an in-house courier, we are able to do away with all plastic poly mailer bags while ensuring all parcels are sent well, in excellent condition!

Saying no to more plastic!




2) Reducing Carbon Footprint

As we move our production in-house, this also means we stock up our raw materials – from laces to lining fabrics, to straps, hook and eyes, and more! As these items are not available in Singapore, we do get our raw materials from different parts of Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand and more!

As we always purchase them in bulk and ship them from overseas, we may tend to be guilty of a high carbon footprint. To reduce our carbon footprint, we have made arrangements to ensure all shipments are to be sent via sea freight. In case you do not know, CO2 emissions are much lower in sea freight transport compared to air freight transport.

Wherever we can to do our part, we will.

3) Reusing Lace Scraps 

With production made in-house, we tend to have a fair amount of lace and fabric scraps left around. This does not mean we do not use the fabric to its “full potential”, but rather, when we cut out the template for each bralette design, it only needs a specific part of the lace which leaves the corners of the lace to become leftover.

We do not want to just throw them away, so we have been planning to reuse them in more creative ways! We may have something coming up, just saying! 😉



4) We believe in NOT over-producing 

Though we strive to keep our production room clean, I NEED TO stress that it is a beautiful mess. Imagine raw materials everywhere, loose scraps on the floor, 5 huge industrial machines blocking the ways (no fire hazards in any way!). But in a way, I think that is how magic can be made, we like to believe we are working in an organized mess (haha!). If you have been to our showroom, you may have already gotten a sneak peek of our production room.

Okay that being said, we really do believe in not overproducing. We always create pieces that are just enough for demand! And if in any case, we have customers asking us for a specific design, we can always create them again because we now do our production in-house! A lot of fash-fashion companies tend to overproduce, and when they are unable to sell them, that is where sale pieces come in place! We want to avoid over-production and reduce waste produced in the fashion industry.

What you can expect from us: 

This may also mean that we do limit the number of pieces of lingerie we have in stock, and when you like to purchase them online, it may be sold out.

Do always check with us if we are able to bring back the design you like. If we are able to, we will make a piece for you. 🙂

Our smaller and larger sizes tend to get sold out faster (ie. XS, XL, and 2XL). So, do reach out to us – we will be able to create new pieces as long as we do have the raw materials with us. For larger sizes, please opt for customization.


5) Reactive Printing for our bands 

Instead of the usual dyeing process for bands to produce its color, we specially choose to do reactive printing for our bands. Note: Wastewater from textile dyeing is a huge pollutant around the world. Some dyes don’t ever degrade in water. Others that do degrade produce harmful substances as they decompose. Additives used during the dyeing process include harmful substances such as alkalis and acid. As such, with reactive printing, we reduce the reliance on dyeing.

Not only so! We are able to reduce the number of bands we purchase each time! This is because we made the bands reversible! In each band, it has two colors, and they are flipped accordingly to which band color we want to each design! With reactive printing, the color will also last longer and will not lose its color after numerous washes. Best of both worlds!


6) Lingerie that stays

As much as we won’t like to admit it, we can only breastfeed for that long. I have met a mommy or two who have committed to breastfeed their child for FOUR years (Kudos to them!!). But that being said, sometimes we may not want to continue wearing our nursing bralettes when we have stopped.

(A) Change up your maternity bra with us today! Only valid for Envy Her Bralettes purchased with us. 

Do check out via our alteration page:

We will be able to remove your maternity clip and inner sling and create them into everyday bralettes 🙂

Yay to longevity!

(B) If you do happen to lose some baby weight after you have delivered or after you stopped breastfeeding, you may opt to come back to us to resize your band! No one wants a bra that does not provide any support especially when the support usually comes with the underband! Get a good fitting bralette with us.

(C) Sometimes, with long wear, our bralettes may turn old and may need some refurbishment. If it is a small minor issue like a small ripped hole, we are able to mend them for you! So do drop us a text and we can evaluate from there. 🙂



7) Shapewear that fits like a glove

There is no size that fits all. Some of us may be a size S or size L, or some of us may even be between two sizes. At Envy Her, we believe that each body’s curve is unique to each individual.

That is where we are able to customize the shapewear fit for you, to increase the longevity of the shapewear you purchase. For example, if you’re between size S and M for shapewear or clothing, you will tend to go up one size to accommodate your hips. With Envy Her, we will alter the shapewear and add an additional panel for you while you fit into size S. In this way, we try to increase the longevity of each item – reducing the need to constantly buy new products.



These are the little ways we can promote sustainability in our brand and be more conscious of what we are doing for the environment. We hope that you will continue to journey with us in our little movement towards sustainability. If you do have more suggestions on what we can, do hit us up!

Much Love,

Envy Her

Doing our little part in ways we can