Our Wink® Shapewears are made of our patented COMPRESSASOFT® fabric that embodies an entirely new textile technology. COMPRESSASOFT® is recognized by the textile engineering community as the latest “cutting edge” textile technology using state-of-the-art fibers, machinery and design. Wink® Shapewear garments are specially designed for continued comfort and long-term performance that outlasts leading competitors.



Power/stretch from 49/51 constructions

Power and stretch are perfectly balanced to deliver the optimum compression for comfortable, effective healing. Wink® Shapewear garments are made of an unprecedented 49% Soft Lycra for maximum comfort and performance, above the average 20% Lycra commonly found in most compression garments in the marketplace. The Wink® Shapewear 49/51 construction is specially tailored to target the booty, belly, waistline, hips and thighs.


Even with a strong compression, Wink® shapewear does not compromise its comfort. Wink® Shapewears are made of premium yarns to provide superior softness for all-day comfort.


Our certified fabrics are the longest lasting stretch fabric available today. Even after 60 washes, Wink® garments retain their shape and perform to standard.

Moisture control

Our Wink® Shapewear contains engineered Coolmax COMPRESSASOFT® fabric to keep wearers cool and dry by providing optimal moisture management, thereby enhancing the wearer’s comfort.


Wink® Shapewear is the only compression garment with a permanent anti-microbial finish that fights the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.