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Laundry Care

We have put together an instruction list, DOs, and DON’Ts for your shapewear and bralettes!

As our items are delicate in nature, we highly recommend all products in ENVY HER to be hand-washed to maximise the fabric performance!

If you prefer to place them in the washing machine, please wash the products with a delicate cycle in a HARD laundry net (no hot water), then allow them to air dry. Please remember to connect all hooks and eyes before washing. Kindly be advised you should only do so at your own discretion.

We also do recommend owning a few Wink™ garments so you can rotate and wash them as needed.

Your DOs and DON’Ts List: 

Please avoid using bleaching products and harsh detergents. This includes detergent with bleach components. Avoid pouring the detergent onto the fabric directly. Always ensure the detergent has been mixed into normal temperature water before adding the apparel.

Please ensure apparels are FULLY dried before placing in wardrobe/drawers.

Please remember to turn the item inside out before washing.

Please remember to connect all hooks and eyes before washing.

Items should be allowed to drip dry as much as possible.

Do not use hot water for washing.

Wash with like-colors only.

Do not tumble dry.