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PART I : More Than Just Numbers On Measuring Tape.

With so many different types of shapewear, how do you exactly know what kind suits you? What is the correct type you should be getting? Getting the right shapewear for your body is as easy as 1-2-3, here are the 3 things you should consider before getting the best for your buck!


#1: Recognise what You Want to Conceal

Think about 1 or 2 problems areas you want to slim down. Once you have done so, pick a shapewear that is able to help you conceal and slim down the ‘problem’ body part. For example, if you want to tuck your tummy in to have a smoother and smaller silhouette, pick our Wink Ultra Bikini which is able to help with compression of your tummy. If you have bigger thighs, you can consider our Wink Booty Shaper Shorts to slim down your thighs. Do not be anxious in wanting to slim your body instantly, with the correct shapewear, you should be able to see effects within 3 months!


#2: Choose the Right Size


Are you guilty of always choosing a size too small for your body? Many people always have the misconception that the tighter your shapewear is, the better it is! Can you imagine how uncomfortable you will feel after wearing it for multiple hours?! Shapewear is made to complement your body, so always choose your size based on the size chart provided and ensure the shapewear feels snug on your body with compression. It should not be uncomfortable with awkward bulges and worse, make you look bigger than you actually are! With the right shapewear, you should see yourself with a smaller frame, smoother silhouette and breathable on your skin. Pro tip – when you sit down, the garment should not roll down! That is when you know you find your right size!


#3: Ultimate Compression Please!


With so many shapewear in the market, which brand of shapewear should you be choosing? With so many fabric composition you see in the market, which material is the best? Before purchasing, ALWAYS look at the fabric composition of the shapewear! Compression fabric such as Lycra and Spandex are common fabrics found in shapewears. With higher composition of such compression fabric, the better the shapewear is. For example, a shapewear with 48% Lycra composition is better than a shapewear with 20% Spandex composition. This is because the material is used to compress and provide a shapely figure for you. So always, choose something with a higher compression material.